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I am running to bring common sense back to Cobb County. Our current chairman has raised taxes every year and increased spending by over $100 Million dollars.

Responsible Fiscal and Financial Management

  1. Make fiscal responsibility the #1 priority again
  2. Prepare a budget that is transparent and easily understood
  3. Prepare financial reports on MONTHLY basis so ordinary citizens can follow the money
  4. Eliminate or curb any proposals for unbudgeted spending
  5. Stop the indefensible increases in tax rates and fees
  6. Protect Homestead and Senior exemptions
  7. Avoid needless debt by responsible budgeting and spending
  8. Stress uniformity and fairness in taxation

Public Safety

  1. Public Safety Officers should be Best in Class
  2. Maintain Top Rating for Fire protection
  3. Set new recruiting and retention standards to fill vacancies
  4. Evaluate exit interviews to better understand how to retain personnel
  5. Implement recommendations of IACP from 2017 Police study

Zoning & Development

  1. Explore the need for an overhaul of Zoning Codes and Policies
  2. Require more transparency on Site Plan review
  3. Control or prohibit zoning that conflicts with Land Use Plan
  4. Require Planning and Board of Commissioners to justify a 'NO vote' if rejecting staff recommendations


  1. Prioritize budgeting for proper road maintenance
  2. Focus spending on solving real transportation problems
  3. Develop plan, recognizing that cars and trucks will remain the first choice for transportation
  4. Research serious accidents for potential engineering solutions to improve road safety


  1. Eliminate 5 & 6 year SPLOSTS
  2. Enforce existing SPLOST laws
  3. Make SPLOST spending transparent


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