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Boyce, "On the Record"

From MDJ Article, Jan. 17, 2020:

Boyce asks lawmakers for reprieve from millage rollback rule
By Aleks  Gilbert  Jan 17, 2020

MARIETTA — Tired of hearing elected officials falsely brag about not raising taxes, Gov. Roy Barnes pushed the Taxpayer Bill of Rights through the General Assembly in 1999.

Among its provisions was one requiring governments to advertise a property tax increase if they gathered more in property taxes one year than they had the year prior.
“When the values go up and you keep the millage rate the same, you are raising taxes,” Barnes told the MDJ in 2017.

Barnes’ law requires governments to either lower the millage rate as property values rise — known as a “rollback” — or advertise a tax increase and hold three public hearings on the issue before voting to adopt the tax rate.

Cobb County Chairman Mike Boyce wants to change that — sort of. Read more...

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